Our latest Study: The Road: In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., "Faith is taking the first step." Step into the story of "The Road to Emmaus," and discover how these disciples felt after their world was upended. From feeling devastated after Christ's crucifixion, to disappointment & doubt, to a hope and hunger for Jesus, and ultimately to joy, their feelings are ones we've felt before too. Come and take the first step not because we know where the road is taking us, but because we know Jesus is on the road with us & has sent the Holy Spirit to guide us along the way."

Our July Study: Run to the Father:  We all experience moments in our lives that leave us wounded, scared, jealous, and even angry. If pushed out of our comfort zone, we panic and run. We run away from something only to run towards something else. What if instead of running to an unknown - we run into the arms of someone who understands exactly what we're going through? Join us as we run to the Father. 


Our June Study: Life is messy. It's full of nasty things. We live in a sinful world full of sinful people doing sinful things. When storms hit, are you ready to navigate through them? Learn from the story of Joseph how to lean on God to help you NAVIGATE LIFE'S MESSINESS!

You Can't Quarantine the Gospel. The Gospel Message is still being spread even during this pandemic scare. Be a part of this spiritual transformation! Pray for others, care for others, and share with others! Find it here!

Check out our previous devotionals. The Jesus Centered life is here. A 4-week online devotional "Slowing" so we can stay connected through God's Word over these next few weeks!

Video Devotions from Neal:

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